May 2023

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Jade Hylton Ltd

I am beyond thrilled to announce I have upgraded from being a sole trader, to an official limited business! After 4 years of self-employment, building my career in Life Modelling, digital media design and being a general woman about town, I now feel I have laid a great foundation to step-up my career. 

A year after becoming self-employed and working full-time as a Life Model, our reality got thrown a curve-ball and a global epidemic had us on lockdown, there was a new norm and I was sat twiddling my thumbs. I spent those few years on a journey of self-discovery; leaving my 20’s and entering my 30’s, fate felt she had a lot of lessons to teach me. Going into 2023 and the 31st chapter of my life, I have taken those well-taught lessons in stride and am so excited for what’s to come. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on my journey, the woes and victories, and hope that, with each unique project I’m involved in, I get to share and maybe even collaborate with you! 

Website update:

After some productive feedback I received about my website and how it might have been a little busy and maze-like to navigate, I decided on a pre-emptive spring clean. throughout my 20s I prided myself on being a Jack of non but a master of all! It has been a wondrous and educational journey, experimenting with different artistic outlets and collaborating with some inspirational people, but I have decided to take the advice on a deeper level and finesse my artistry and what I have to offer, especially now that I’m an official business! 
I set out to create boundaries for myself at the beginning of the year, and one of them, was to not start any new projects, but focus on the great ones I have going, the ones that really can go places – Black Brighton Market, Life Modelling & Drawversity and my Creative Services – so why not show that on my website. 

I hope you enjoy – and find it more of a pleasantry – perusing the new layout of my website. If you have any feedback as a reader, business person or web developer, please don’t hesitate in leaving me a message on my contact page. Otherwise, enjoy! And if you’re here looking for my shop items, I will be creating a better way to sell everything in one place, with one tap, keep an eye on the newsletter/website for updates.

Black Brighton Market at Brighton Fringe 2023

Black Brighton Market is excited to announce its participation in this years Brighton Fringe 2023! 

With two events at our usual spot – The Actors pub – on the 6th of May, headlining with Steven Bamidele. On the 3rd of June we have Lisa Lo. As well as a pop-up in partnership with the Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE) at Ironworks Studio on Sunday 28th May with sell-out artist Kymara headlining. Bringing you the usual vibrant market place featuring arts & craft stalls, pop up performances, as well as a cultural cafe and a drop in advice salon for the local creative community.

Go to the BBM page for ticket links date dependent. 

Life Modelling

Catherine Anna Bee

I’m so happy to be back Life Modelling so frequently! I admit, it’s not quite as much as pre-lockdown, but doing roughly 3 classes a week and climbing – in both amount of classes and hours per class – It’s been so much fun! I’ve been Life Modelling for 4 years now, and as much as I love being a muse – that deep connected collaboration between the product and the producer, and the pay’s not too shabby – it’s more than that now. With the work of my creative services and BBM growing so rapidly, and the need for social time to have balance, finding a moment to be by oneself – away from tech and work and the noise of everyday life – can be hard. It can be easy to find but hard to actually take, and Life Modelling kind of forces me to take a moment. I can be in class and hear my phone vibrate or remember I had to email someone back, but in that moment in time, when I’m stretched out on my terrapin toga with fan heaters blasting from every direction, I have to be just there, right there, I can work in my head, or I can just sit back and watch my mind bluster from idea to idea, and just sit there, and watch it, until, finally, silence. 

I update as often as I can – the classes I will be posing for for the foreseeable on my Life Model page. I’m also excited to tell you I’ll be sitting for one of my longest poses for Lancelot Richardson’s class at Draw Brighton on the 27th May 10:00 – 17:00, book your space by following the link on my website. 


Drawversity is one year old! I am so proud of this passion project. Not only for how it’s changing the art scene, but changing and creating a new way for the Black, Asian and community of colour to be creative, to be seen and to be a part of what will hopefully change the history of Life Drawing – in Brighton at least. (read more about this on my last post; You, Me & 2023)

I recently secured myself a space teaching the class at SOHO Brighton Beach House every other month, alongside my Draw co-tutor Bella who does the months either side with her own drawing class. I’ve also been in conversation with Brighton & Hove museum about potentially turning it into a workshop for Black History month; looking at portrait art of black models and muses with local school children – but that’s all potentials, exciting nonetheless! 

Now that myself and my projects are become more defined and independent of one another, Drawversity now has its own Instagram page where you can follow for all updates and get to know the Drawversity models! 

Although Drawversity is branching out, it will always have its original and permanent residency at Draw Brighton with classes on the last Saturday of the month. That’s excluding the month of May where it will be the middle of the month on Saturday 13th 1pm – 3pm. Go to Drawversity page for tickets.

Follow @Drawversity

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