All photos are taken digitally with Fujifilm X-T100 (If you would like a shoot with film photography please contact me).

Headshots/Full Body, Band/group photography

Per hour £50 (+£90 for in studio) 
Half the day (4 hours) £150 (+£110 for in studio)
Full day (8 hours) £250 (+£130 for in studio) 

Family Portraits

Half the day (4 hours) £175 (+£110 for in studio)
Full day (8 hours) £275 (+£130 for in studio) 

Gig Photography

£200 + travel


Editing After a 1 hour shoot £50
Editing after a half a day/gig shoot £150
Editing after a day shoot £350 


Watermarking for photos taken, artwork digitalised or your own £1.00 per image


The cost of travel will be billed by exact price of travel for within Brighton and Hove. If travel time is longer or outside of Brighton and Hove, two hours (£100) – one hour for each way – will be billed. If you would like your shoot to be on location, have an idea, but don’t know where, feel free to contact me as I have a catalogue of locations. 


A deposit of £25 must be paid on booking to secure the date and my time. If you cancel you will not receive your deposit back. Once the job is complete, the deposit will be deducted from your bill. 

For example of my photography, please head to my Photography page.

Hylton-Wei Studios

Hylton-Wei Studios offer high quality cinematography, art direction, audio recording and post production.

Our services have been used for curators who want to build a portfolio of the exhibitions they have organised, for poets who need visuals, and a plethora or global advertisements. We have the connections to source top performers and actors, as well as BTS creatives. We have the ability to not only help you bring your idea to life, but give you creative advice as well as having the practice of screen writing, acting and dancing in our skillset.

Booking co-ordinator

Bookings coordinators are the great organisers of the post-production schedule. They know what equipment the facilities house (post-production company) has and they know the post-production process. They allocate, organise and monitor the flow of the technical and creative people involved.

Per hour £12.50
Half the day (4 hours) £50
Full day (8 hours) £100

Casting research

A casting researcher’s primary role is to find people to take part in programmes. This could mean ‘real’ people, or it could mean a mix of real people, experts (eg. a scientist or specialist medical consultant), or talent (eg. presenters, celebrities).

Per hour £12.50
Half the day (4 hours) £50
Full day (8 hours) £100

Art director

the person responsible for overseeing the artistic aspects of a film, publication, or other media production.

Per hour £40
Half the day (4 hours) £150
Full day (8 hours) £300


A cinematographer or director of photograph (also known as DP or DoP) is responsible for the development, look and feel of the images which make up the final film. Cinematographers work closely with directors, the camera crew and lighting department to get the right frame, lighting and mood for a film or TV programme.

Per hour £40
Half the day (4 hours) £160
Full day (8 hours) £320

Sound operator

Per hour £12.50
Half the day (4 hours) £50
Full day (8 hours) £100

Post production

During this process, the post-production crew not only pieces together raw footage, but adds sound (including music, voiceovers, and sound effects) and visual effects

Per hour £30
Half the day (4 hours) £120
Full day (8 hours) £240


£125 per day


equipment including Camera Canon c100 mark II, multiple lenses, microphone, tripod, back-up power, back-up storage, lighting.


A small introduction to Dongjie Wei

Dongjie Wei is currently undergoing his MA in Filmmaking at the University of Sussex, after moving here in 2020 from China where he worked in film studios and practiced his craft in his home city of Chengdu. He started in the arts at dance school, excelling to a very high status and even performing on stage around the world with well-known eastern celebrities. Having spent years as a performer, he now has a keen eye behind the camera; having a very unique and clean style. In the last year I have worked with Dongjie as his art director, screenwriter, actor, dancer and muse, it has been more than educational and exciting to learn and be able to create with such a mind.

Creative Consultancy and Freelance Advice.

1 hour or part of the hour – £20

Advice on social media posts, connecting you to the right people or giving advice on places to go for work, inspiration, experiences, knowledge, local events and specialised companies or equipment for your niche needs. Quick advice on film photography such as the best film to use for the a particular result or knowledge on development processes.

Half a day (4 hours) – £60

Advice on social media posts, creating events online using zoom and ticketing site e.g Eventbrite. Quick web page updates and help with copy/blog posts. Advice on digital editing e.g photoshop, premiere pro.

Whole day (8 hours) – £100

Help with web building and online presence, social media lessons and how to digitalise and edit your artwork for online use, online presence and self promotion. Looking and applying for funding and Government funding as well as signing up to Universal credit and managing your accounts.

All prices above are for online. For face to face consultancy and advice travel will need to be covered and must be booked as early as possible. 

How to Book…

To book me any of the services above, please message me on my contact page with as much information about the job as possible, with as many dates as you know as to when the job is to start/be completed. If you feel anything above is unclear, or you’re not sure what questions to ask, please don’t hesitate in contacting me and we can figure it out together!

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