Creative Services


All photos are taken digitally with Fujifilm X-T100 (If you would like a shoot with film photography please contact me).

Headshots/Full Body, Band/group photography

Per hour £30 (+£90 for in studio) 
Half the day (4 hours) £100 (+£110 for in studio)
Full day (8 hours) £170 (+£130 for in studio) 

Family Portraits

Half the day (4 hours) £130 (+£110 for in studio)
Full day (8 hours) £200 (+£130 for in studio) 

Gig Photography

£200 + travel


Editing After a 1 hour shoot £40
Editing after a half a day/gig shoot £100
Editing after a day shoot £150 


Watermarking for photos taken, artwork digitalised or your own £1.00 per image


The cost of travel will be billed by exact price of travel for within Brighton and Hove. If travel time is longer than an hour or outside of Brighton and Hove, travel cost plus £20 – will be billed. If you would like your shoot to be on location, have an idea, but don’t know where, feel free to contact me as I have a catalogue of locations. 


A deposit of £25 must be paid on booking to secure the date and my time. If you cancel you will not receive your deposit back. Once the job is complete, the deposit will be deducted from your bill. 

For example of my photography, please head to my Photography page.

I am not currently taking any video jobs unless there is a budget to hire cameras and equipment.

Photography & Camera Assistance

As a professional artist who has worked as a photographer, model, and photo lab tech, I have worked at every point of production. I work very well alongside other photographers and production teams on a very professional level. Get familiar with my photography and videography, read some of my projects and process on my blog. To talk further, please contact me.

Video Editing

All of the videos I have shot, I have edited, I started with making time lapses using my little GoPro, from there I went to using professional equipment in studios and on location. I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos and have been using the program since University. To see examples of my work, please go to my Videography page. For my rates, please contact me.

Art Director

Alongside being a photographer and working in the industry for many years, I have directed interview videos, spoken word visual and a live music video for local artists. For examples of my work, please go to my Videography page. For my rates, please contact me.

Performances & Exhibitions

Spoken Word

As a poet, I have been performing on stages around Brighton and Hove and global radio shows since 2020. To see examples of my performances, please go to my Videography page. For my rates please contact me.

Guest Presenter

I have been a guest speak at many events, workshops, radio shows, lectures and more, both ones that I have run and I have been invited too. For my rates, please contact me.


I started DJ lessons in 2019. I had my first public gig at SOHO House, supporting Cristale in 2022 and continued at my own event Femme Fatale Silent Disco. I play an array of artists and genres. For my rates, please contact me.

Art / Photography Exhibits

I have exhibited a variety of work, from my first solo photography exhibition in China, to local collaborative art exhibitions. I also have permanent exhibitions at local bookshop The Feminist Bookshop, and coffee shop Black Rain. For examples of my art & style, please go to my Art page. For my rates and availability, please contact me.

Writing & Design

Article & Review Writing

I began working as a journalist in 2011 – one of my first crafts – working for local print – event and review – magazines. Over the years I have written for my own publications, local (maga)zines and other online publications. My portfolio ranges from festival/gig/music reviews – alongside photographs – interviews, and advice columns. For my rates, please contact me.

Graphic Design & Artwork

I started as a collage artist, using this medium I started making album covers and artwork for local musician’s albums and EPs. In the recent years I have transferred that analogue skill into a digital one and create all my own artwork for events and social media – predominantly using Adobe Photoshop. For my rates, please contact me.

Web Development

Web design and development was one of my strongest suites whilst studying – certificated an ‘A’ in the subject. I have researched, designed and developed my own website. I focus on creating a website for you that reflects your work, whilst using my skills to make it user-friendly, sleek and an experience for your viewers. I will also offer lessons on the way, from updating your events, to blogging to anything else you would like to learn to be self-sufficient and confident in managing your online presence. Starting or re-visiting a website can be daunting, contact me and we can take it a step at a time.

Teaching & Mentoring

I started teacher training, when I studied to be a TEFL teacher in 2015. I took that to China and was a teacher for nursery and primary school. When I got back to the UK I got my DBS certificate and In 2021, became a volunteer and mentee for the BMEYPP (Black Ethnic Minority Young People’s Project). I have also gone into local schools and done creative classes with minority students with local charity Little Green Pig.

Alongside working with young people, I also offer Workshops and mentoring for (creative) freelancers. If you would like to talk further, please contact me.

Life Model

For Life Model booking and enquiries, please head to my life model page for more information and to fill out an enquiry form.

Creative Consultancy and Freelance Advice.

1 hour or part of the hour – £20

Advice on social media posts, connecting you to the right people or giving advice on places to go for work, inspiration, experiences, knowledge, local events and specialised companies or equipment for your niche needs. Quick advice on film photography such as the best film to use for the a particular result or knowledge on development processes.

Half a day (4 hours) – £60

Advice on social media posts, creating events online using zoom and ticketing site e.g Eventbrite. Quick web page updates and help with copy/blog posts. Advice on digital editing e.g photoshop, premiere pro.

Whole day (8 hours) – £100

Help with web building and online presence, social media lessons and how to digitalise and edit your artwork for online use, online presence and self promotion. Looking and applying for funding and Government funding as well as signing up to Universal credit and managing your accounts.

All prices above are for online. For face to face consultancy and advice travel will need to be covered and must be booked as early as possible. 

How to Book…

To book me any of the services above, please message me on my contact page with as much information about the job as possible, with as many dates as you know as to when the job is to start/be completed. If you feel anything above is unclear, or you’re not sure what questions to ask, please don’t hesitate in contacting me and we can figure it out together!

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