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Creative entrepreneur & Life Model

To my readers:

After some productive feedback I received about my website and how it might have been a little busy and maze-like to navigate, I decided on a pre-emptive spring clean. throughout my 20s I prided myself on being a Jack of non but a master of all! It has been a wondrous and educational journey, experimenting with different artistic outlets and collaborating with some inspirational people, but I have decided to take the advice on a deeper level and finesse my artistry and what I have to offer.
I set out to create boundaries for myself at the beginning of the year, and one of them, was to not start any new projects, but focus on the great ones I have going, the ones that really can go places – Black Brighton Market, Life Modelling & Drawversity and my Creative Services – so why not show that on my website.

I hope you enjoy – and find it more of a pleasantry – perusing the new layout of my website. If you have any feedback as a reader, business person or web developer, please don’t hesitate in leaving me a message on my contact page. Otherwise, enjoy! And if you’re here looking for my shop items, I will be creating a better way to sell everything in one place, with one tap, keep an eye on the website for updates, or sign up to my newsletter which you can do so at the bottom of the page.

Many blessing,
Jade x

21st Feb 2023


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