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Librarian at Secondary school for Hidden (Personal) Histories project

Jade worked with our students over a 6-week period leading art workshops as part of a collaboration with Patcham High School, Akila Richards and Little Green Pig. It was so much fun! Jade brought an energy, honesty and playfulness which the students really engaged with. Her workshops were fun, creative, thoughtful, totally engaging and inspiring. We all loved them and the students produced fantastic work. Thank you so much, Jade, and we hope to work with you again in the future!

Vicky Jarvis, Librarian, Patcham High School, Brighton

Collaboration for Hidden (Personal) Histories project at a Secondary School

I loved collaborating and working side to side in the workshops we delivered jointly in a Secondary School in Brighton. Bringing her deep insights of working with young people and her craft and visual arts expertise so very enriched all our experience in each workshop. I think we did a fabulous job together and the students loved it as their experience of literature and art made it different and accessible and opened minds. Hope to work with Jade again soon. Keep trucking.

Akila Richards

Curator of ALTERED exhibition feat. Jade’s work White Gaze

Jade is making important work that should be exhibited and shared as widely as possible. I had the opportunity to show ‘White Gaze’ in a shopping centre, as a pop-up exhibition where everyone passes by. It felt like a vital space to share the messages and energy that Jade gives through her photographic practice. It was a pleasure to discover this project and her wider creative practice and I look forward to future collaborations..

Claire Wearn @clairewearn

Life Model + Session Leader

“Jade is a brilliant session leader and life model with an eye for detail and buckets of creative energy, as well as being reliable and wonderful presence in any class she is at. She always puts lots of effort and consideration into the sessions she runs and models for. Her costumes are fantastic too, great outfits and always well-thought out.”

Lancelot Richardson

Graphic Designer

Looking forward to working with Jade again! 
She excelled at her commission to colour and add graphic design to a black and white stencil for my Starlord EP cover. She completed everything promptly and gave me options to choose from! I’ve been using the design for years in merchandise and my fans have loved it. Thank you Jade!


Life Modelling and Session Leading

Jade is an inspiring force of creativity – as a life model she brings a fantastic energy to any class and as a session leader she makes things happen – never one to sit on the sidelines, her community work, art and activism all seem to be an intrinsic part of how Jade is in the world and we’re really luck to work with her.

Draw Brighton

Life Modelling

Jade is one of my favourite models – she is reliable and creative, and she sets a wonderfully friendly and jocular atmosphere. All my students always love her energy and she brings the best out of their drawing abilities! I love this new website and the latest project Hola Fea! I think it’s an important message to share. Also love the portraits!

Hester @Hester_berry


I asked Jade for some info because I was made aware she had experience with film photography and development. Her years working at a lab fully showed, as she had resources on DECK for all my queries. Would recommend tapping in with her for digestible information on the subject which can be hard to find on the internet at time.
Definitely get in touch with Jade!”

Tatenda @thancs3six

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