My name is Jade Hylton and I am a Mixed Black British Creative Entrepreneur and Life Model, Brighton-based. With ten plus years of working in the art industry, my experiences have given me the opportunity to experiment and express myself in a multitude of mediums, from journalism, to photography, from teaching to travelling, all the while learning about my ethnicity and cultural heritage and finding different ways to share my story. After many highs and lows both in work and generally in the world we live in, I am now focused on using my creativity and firm but fair business approach, to create platforms for myself and my community. Safe spaces where we can explore our creative side and grow confidence in being our own bosses.

My main focuses are Black Brighton Market, Life Modelling and my own Life Model class I run; Drawversity. I’m always open and love to take on creative jobs like photoshoots, graphic design jobs and other Creative Services. If you would like to talk further or work in collaboration with me, please contact me.

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