Black Brighton Market

Black Brighton Market is a place where Black and People of colour have the opportunity to sell their art, goods, services and perform to the general public. Creating equal opportunities and better profits within the BIPOC community. Black Brighton Market will be held every month.

On The Day…

The day will start with the stallholders arriving at 10am to set up upstairs at The Actors. The doors to the public will then open at 11am where they will be greeted by our ticket handler at the door, each ticket comes with a raffle entry, and the chance to see an array of open mic and booked performances from 3pm. Join us at The Actors for an eclectic market with a plethora of items, from different artisinal sellers with an array of handmade items, environmentally sourced goods, and other eye-catching one of a kind goodies unfound anywhere else. We also now have special guests including Empress Justice Tarot and pop-up kitchens
If you can’t make it or don’t live locally but want to contribute to help out, please scroll down to donate on our GoFundMe!

Spring/Summer Dates – Saturdays

4th March / 1st April / 6th May / 3rd June / 8th July



  hours  minutes  seconds


Until the next market


The application is pretty straight-forward; if you are selling goods, then you need to click on the link below for Stallholders. If you are wanting to perform on the day, whether it’s a singing set, some spoken word, a DJ set or something instrumental, then you need to click on the link below for Performers. We would appreciate if you could fill part of the form out that asks for an Artist Bio, this can help us in our fund application process. If at any point, whilst you are filling out your form, you are unsure about anything, then don’t hesitate to ask any questions using the Get in touch box at the bottom of the page.

2023 Applications Spring/Summer Dates

All vendor positions are full, Summer/Autumn application coming soon.
Performance applications are STILL OPEN
Open mic slots are OPEN FOR BOOKING


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BBM Spotify Playlist
Discover new local artists and the well-loved classics we play at each market.

We Need You!

BBM are looking for people to join us on the day! We are looking for photographers, videographers, someone to run help with taking tickets, and general help managing the running of the day. Please fill out the form below with a message of what your interests and skills are, and we will get back to you from the email.

I believe this is important for all people of the community. It allows an equal opportunity for the Black and people of Colour to hone in on their craft, and see a specialist market made for them, by them.

The Actors Pub, 4 Prince’s street, Brighton, BN2 1RD


Black Brighton was created by myself; it stemmed from me making friends of colour due to the lack of them in my life. This then turned into a photography project that brought people from the community together, creating a sense of family and solidarity we all needed but didn’t know. Now with a growing community in a predominately white city, I have found myself doing more and more for people like myself, always trying to introduce new ways to create, communicate, and more opportunities in our artistic fields in this creative city.


“It was a great opportunity to get the experience of selling as I’m a young person and have gained some confidence which will help me help other young people who are starting up their own business.”

I felt very lucky to launch my handmade products at the Black Brighton Market – it had a strengthening community feel and all the items in the market were great quality with passionate stallholders. It meant a great deal to have the opportunity to participate and be supported in my business. Such an important thing for visibility of Black and Brown people in Brighton, as well as for enterprise. Jade is extremely worthy of any support to continue and expand her great work.

“I’ve loved being part of the Black Brighton Market and joining a family of fellow BIPOC creatives and makers in the city. Jade has started an important endeavour to carve out space for the ever growing and vibrant BIPOC community in Brighton and beyond, creating a wonderful opportunity to showcase our heritage and culture to all. As a stallholder, I’ve loved being able to share my business Epifhani with other textiles makers and learn from them, and be inspired to create more. Jade and her team have been fantastic organisers, as their transparency, enthusiasm and dedication to the project has helped push it forward, creating a strong community who want to see its success into the next few years!”

“My experience at Black Brighton Market was so affirming and safe for me. Being surrounded by such a variety of vibrant artists with similar interests, tastes & experiences created a wonderful and beautiful community that I had been looking for in Brighton but also one I felt fully deserving to be a part of. Being a part of BBM didn’t feel like exhaustive work, it felt supportive and encouraging which has done wonders for the belief I have in my own creativity!
Jade has been an absolutely fabulous organiser. Thinking through all possibilities, communicating consistently & being approachable and open to all queries and concerns. More so than this, Jade has been super encouraging and supportive of my own creative endeavours which is hugely appreciated! Thank you so so much for these opportunities, I’m so grateful!”

“Working with Jade as the organiser for Black Brighton Market has been a pleasure. She’s quick and efficient in responding to any enquiries or help regarding the market and stalls. Also, Jade is amazingly good at communicating and keeping us informed of any new info required. She is extremely organised, professional, passionate and supportive. Jade always made us feel comfortable and appreciated before, during and after the Markets.
As a new publication, we have been able to get exposure, make profit and have new networking opportunities through this market. We love how Black Brighton Market has brought together people from the community and it allowed us to create new bonds and support each other’s business. Black Brighton Market is a safe, heartwarming and welcoming event with amazingly talented BIPOC businesses and performers and we believe it is a great initiative. We hope it continues growing as it has helped us feel united and heard in the Brighton and Hove area and beyond.”

“Great day, community experience, nice to see local black entrepreneurs come together.”

Support Black Brighton Market on GoFundMe

Help us build, grow and help the continuation of Black Brighton Market by making a contribution on our GoFundMe!

Just click on the GoFundMe image to go to our donation page!

Your Donation will go towards

Table Hire
Sound engineer
Graphic designer

Poster and leaflet printing & distribution
Day manager
Digital advertisement

Sponsors, Donations & Contributions…

Market space – The Actors Pub
Banner/signage – Brighton BARCO
Poster printing and distribution – part sponsor from Swat Marketing
Leaflet printing – part sponsor from Genie

Our Target : £1,000
We Had : £470.00
We spent: £470.00


Will this be a masked event?
It is not encouraged, but we will ask performers and stallholders to test on the morning of.

Where do the profits from the tickets go?
The money from the ticket sales goes towards the continuation of the market, to pay performers and the organiser.

Can I be a stallholder and a performer?
Yes, but you will need to fill out both forms.

Is there anywhere I can load and unload my goods?
There is a quiet road next to the venue where you can unload, but you will have to find parking in the surround areas/Churchill square parking.

Do I need to provide my own table?
You can bring your own table if you have one, if not then we will provide a table, you will need to bring any rails for clothes you require.

Is there wheelchair access?
This event does not have step free access, the markets current venue is an inclusivity-focused space and are working hard to raise funds and getting planning permissions to create better access to all parts of the venue. There will be Black Brighton Market pop-up events that do have access for all, so please keep an eye on the official website for pop-up dates and locations. It is important to us that everyone can come without barriers. 

Do I need to pay to have a stall?
This fee has been put in place due to the high volume of work, pay for performers, the cost of advertisement, and the current lack of outside funding. I understand that one of the initial premises of BBM was that it was to be free for vendors, this is going to be a goal of mine as I pursue other forms of funding. Decided upon data collected from a poll, the fee will be £10.00 – non-refundable – per market. 

Do I need to be a Black of Person of Colour to perform?
Yes, you need to be part of the BIPOC community to be a stallholder and/or performer.

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