Create and Drink – The Comeback!

If you’ve been following my extensive events and workshops, you will know, that before lockdown, I was running an arts and crafts class for adults called Create and Drink – the adult part being that I served bottomless wine. Each month I would do a different medium of art, usually themed to a celebration during the month; in February I did Chinese ink to bring in the Chinese New Year, in March I did clay sculpture with a female life model to celebrate woman’s day etc etc.

Now lockdown was over and for the last few months I’ve been trying to get my events that got suddenly cancelled back up and running again. With the Freelance Workshop up and running and Drawversity finally on the go, I decided it was the perfect time to plan Create and Drink, and what better place to hold it then the Draw studio, where I was holding the other two events. I could hub down on the weekends and spend my days and night going from one event to another in one location.

Now, I usually think of a theme that coincided with a celebration of that month, its a given that one of the biggest celebrations for the UK in May is Easter, and as most, my immediate thought went to some sort of egg painting, but this is an adult class, and I like to have my artists leave with something they will actually display or use, so I racked my brains, and decided on an acrylic painting class on oval shaped canvases, it’s a little far-fetched I know, but a different shaped canvas and different techniques of painting I showed really bought the class together.

Getting to the studio a few hours earlier so I could set up and get my last few necessities from town i.e paint, gyoza snacks and creme eggs, the class was ready to go! The wine didn’t run out, everyone ended up chatting away by the end of the first hour, and went home a little drunk with very individual, very creative, pieces of art!

Thank you for all that came to the comeback class, I had such a wicked time! For the next Create and Drink please sign up to my email subscription!

Published by Jade Hylton

"Doing It All, All Of The Time"

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