Making Plant hangers with Macrame

I hope the end of your 2021 was a fruitful as mine. I ended the year with learning some new crafts, I know what you’re thinking… when will it end!?

I got lots of plants as I’m sure most do, and it’s always long cleaning when you’ve got to lift them all up, and sometimes it can be hard to place them somewhere with just the right amount of sunlight. I started looking to by some plant hangers, but the cost seemed a little too much for the designs and sizes I wanted. So I got onto good ol’ Amazon and ordered myself a macramé pack with string, beads, hooks and rings, and a beginners book by Fanny Zedenius @createaholic . Now, learning how to knot from a book isn’t very easy – for me anyway- so I used some video tutorials on YouTube. Now my plants couldn’t be happier or growing at a faster more healthier rate then ever before!

Published by Jade Hylton

"Doing It All, All Of The Time"

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