HOLA FEA! At Brighton’s Feminist Book shop.

So, we got the idea on paper, got it on the computer, made it look all nice, stuck it on the website looking all professional, but what now? Where did I take it from here? Putting it online was usually my final goal, but now it was time to aim higher.
I remembered the advice my friend gave me years ago when I asked her how she did self-employment, and what she said, I still live to today; “When you go self-employed, you have to look for your work”
This lead me on to start thinking where did I want this to go? I wanted to make money! How was I going to reach my target audience to do that? I came up with two thoughts. The first, was to find a place I could display Hola Fea, my second thought, was to get a bigger following online.

To tackle the first question – one at a time now – I used my internal rolodex of all the small businesses in Brighton I might be able to approach. I had been hearing a lot about a new book shop in town, I hadn’t been there yet – with lockdown and everything – but I ‘d heard a great deal about it, not just the niche books they stocked, but a few fellow life models and poets and held a few creative and spoken word events there. So I drafted an email:

Hi Feminist Book Shop Team! 

I hope you are all well? I am emailing in regards to your shop and possibly opening up discussion about putting some my products up for sale in it? I am local to Brighton and I am a freelance artist and life model. I have recently revamped my online presence, and, in doing so, have also started experimenting with a new line of illustrations I think would be perfect for your shop! The project is called Hola Fea, I have written up the story behind it on my website HERE. I already have the designs and printers ready for orders, and now am looking to branch out in finding other places on and offline to sell and spread the word of self-love!

Please have a look around my website, and if you have any question please don’t hesitate!

I look forward to hearing from you, 

I was met with a positive reply from the owner Ruth, who was more than welcoming in me coming in to talk about having Hola Fea displayed on the walls! I was thrilled. I went in with an envelope of posters and cards and stickers and was greeted with a cup of earl grey and smiling eyes. We chatted about the project and the book shop, it was very friendly and inviting, it was strange being back to business in person after such a long time, but a feeling I definitely missed. After an exchange of constructive and positive conversation, I gave them a few freebies, and agreed I would get the work I wanted on the wall framed, alongside a bio on myself and a little information on the project.

Now up on the walls alongside some of the most inspiring, strong, female artists of the time, head down to The Feminist Bookshop in Brighton to have a cuppa, a read and maybe pick up the cards and stickers I have on sale there! So proud!

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