Figure Drawing: A complete guide to drawing the human body By Jake Spicer (featuring ME… Jade Hylton).

Jake was the first person I worked with as a life model, it was the first consistent work I had once I had gone self-employed and that was now back in April 2019.

It was not easy going self-employed, but the doors it opened for me, were ones I never knew existed. I had not grown up being confident with my body, but I wanted more freedom (pardon the pun) and this work allowed me time, and to still be in the art world. Stepping in to this world, I realised it was lacking a lot of the melanin community; in front, and behind the easel. It was the same year I started to life model, I decided I wanted to do something about introducing this world to my community. I went to Jake with my thoughts and not only did he listen, but he helped me act upon it; he guided me and supported me. I had met someone who not only gave me the tools to excel, but had the initiative, motivation and the kindness that I felt reflected in how I also like to work and execute new ideas.

Alongside running Draw Brighton, Jake is also a well known published author for writing books on How to Draw… Now on his 12th book: Figure Drawing: A complete guide to drawing the human body. Jake asked me to feature as a model for him as a reference for his book, I was overjoyed and extremely flattered to except his offer. Now released you can purchase from his website, or keep an eye out when you next go through a gallery gift shop anywhere in the UK, and spots in Spain and China!

Informative and instructive, this comprehensive guide will give you all the tools you need to draw the human figure, from life and from a screen. While many books focus on just one aspect of figure drawing, this manual unites the skills of observation, expression and understanding in one coherent approach. Beginning with the key principles of observation, ‘Figure Drawing‘ will help you to build a strong foundation of skills to make well-observed, proportionally accurate drawings. As the book progresses you will explore processes and exercises that move beyond the purely observed to express the gesture, form and substance of your model.
Photographic and illustrative examples throughout the book support your learning at every step. 
Clear step-by-step tutorials provide a practical understanding of the key materials, skills and ideas in figure drawing. 
A comprehensive anatomical reference section, broken down into manageable zones, deepens your knowledge of the human form.

His determination, motivation, and love for his work, will always continue to inspire me, I feel extremely lucky to not only have worked with a man like Jake but to have a friend like Jake.

Jake Spicer official site
Draw Brighton official site
Purchase your copy here!

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