The Making Of: Kymara’s Live Music Video / My First Music Video

I know, I know, when will it end! NEVER!! I absolutely revel in challenging myself and learning new ways to create. I was asked by local up-and-coming artist and very close friend – Kymara – to make a Live Music Video.

I was hired to start from the point of production and if – with my life model work – I had any suggestions and/or connections for studios we could shoot the video in. So I contacted the wonderful Jake, who ran Draw Brighton, and he was more than happy to let the space to us for the day. Kymara had also sent me a breakdown of how she wanted it shot and what she expected the visuals and colours to look like. It all seemed very straightforward, and there was only so much editing you could do to a Live video. All I had to do now, was learn how to use the camera equipment I hired. The day before – so it stayed fresh in my memory – I ran through the set-up and key elements of using the two cameras I was taking with me. I knew how to use a photo camera so I only had to pick up a few important things to keep an eye on whilst shooting for video.

The morning had arrived and I was feeling prepared! my bag was packed, I had a silly amount of back-up cameras and Kymara had sorted me a camera assistant; the very helpful and very creative, Omar Sultan. I was to arrive at the studio at 4, but I got my times slightly muddled and arrived there at 3pm. Which turned out to be a blessing because the sound engineer, Nicholson from QM Records, also arrived early at 3:30. The band arrived at 4 almost on the dot and as everyone set up, I did my studio duties of offering teas and coffees, whilst also setting up my camera and placing where the “main stage” will be. Kymara arrived just after the backing singers and wardrobe.

Everyone had now arrived, we had a few hours to get everything set-up, do a sound check, camera check, wardrobe and make-up. I can honestly say, it went incredibly smoothly, everyone knew what they were doing and was extremely professional. With one still camera, one roaming, and the GoPro strapped up, we were ready for the first take. By the fourth take, we were pretty much done! we did a fifth take for just-in-cases, but listening back, we all decided the fourth hit a few spinal nerves the others didn’t quite reach. I did a close-up take with Kymara miming to the final audio played back. It was a wrap!

Kymmie wanted to be present when the initial edits were being done, she felt it would save time on amendments and I didn’t disagree. We had a lovely evening and it only took a few hours to cut together, after a few easy amendments and spell checks on credits, it was finished! The team as a whole was great and the day gave me confidence for future jobs like this, and as always, I honed in on practising crafts and learnt some new skill!

Kymara on Spotify

Kymara’s Instagram

Kymara on DICE

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