Create & Drink – Tie Dye

It was a bit of a head-scratcher thinking of what to do for the second Create & Drink 2022. As much as materials like oil paints, acrylics, watercolours, colour pens and pencil are all very different in their result, I wanted each event to be so different from the last, that I wasn’t constantly buying canvases and paintbrushes every month. So I sat down with my sister Arri and we had a little think-tank day of what craft to do next. After throwing a few ideas about, Arri suggested tie-dye, it was something I had consider before but seemed too expensive and messy for a 2 hour event.

I found some tie-dye kits on Amazon that were very affordable – about £9.00 per pack which included 8 colours -, and decided on providing my artists with Tees and socks. I bought two tie-dye kits, so I had 16 bottles of dye and each pack came with extra dye powder, elastic bands, gloves and pattern instructions. I got packs of Fruit of the Loom white tees also off Amazon, I got 6 Large and 3 X-Large, I did want to get some more sizes but didn’t have enough time for delivery, so figured people would rather a tee slightly too big than slightly too tight. The socks came in packs of 12 and I got two of those, so 24 pairs of socks. As I was going through to the checkout, Amazon niftily suggested a pack of 20 scrunchies, that actually came with elastic bands for tie-dying, so chucked those in as well.

Ticket sales were a little slow at first, but picked up about a week before the night. I stopped ticket sales a night before so I knew what numbers I had for when I had to buy wine, unfortunately someone was a little late in their purchase and contacted me through Eventbrite, I made a ticket available for them to purchase, but they didn’t buy in the end, which was actually a saving grace, cause I didn’t have enough tees, albeit I could have picked some up from town somewhere, but it’s good to know the event is becoming noticed more!

Prior to the event I emailed all the ticket buyers for their wine preference and any dietary requirements for the snacks provided. Asking this means that it’s slightly more tailored to my audience as individuals and it also means it keeps my costs down. I sold 7 tickets, and one was for a non-drinker.

Artists arrived swiftly and right on time, I had set the studio up ready for a messy few hours putting a large plastic sheet on the studio floor, had just finished putting the clothes on a quick rinse in the washing machine, and provided everyone with aprons and a glass of wine upon entry.

Right from the get-go the energy was high and vibe were flowing between everyone. I think because it’s still a very new class, and the fact I offer a cheaper ticket if you buy two, most people come with someone, and It really helps the ambience and socialising between everyone as a group.

As everyone chose their pieces to tie-dye, a few actually pulled out a few garments bought from home, I was thrilled people had read the advertisement properly and that all in the information on the advertisement was easily read. As the night proceeded, we drank and created and shared ideas of colour mixing and tie-dye creations. Everyone dyed such different and groovy patterns, a lot of us ended up with dyed hands and arms though, which was another level of art all together!

We finished dying a little earlier than the two hour class, so as I cleared, the rest of the artists sat on the sofas whilst I cleared and continued to drink wine, chat, laugh and finish off the gyoza snacks. By the end of the night, we were talking about collaborating and ideas for the next Create and Drink. I ended up myself with two Tees, three pairs of socks and 2 scrunchies. I had written after care on the studio white-board for everyone to photograph for rinsing and washing their pieces the following day. I had some wonderful help clearing the studio, and I was out and on the bus home by 11!

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