Scouting for BIPOC Models in Brighton & Hove

Drawversity! Originally created for in real life classes, but due to covid, I have teamed up with Brighton Draw to do a paid photoshoot to try and help eliminate the class and culture barriers of life art and modelling. From working in the field for a few years now, and living in such a creative city where Life art is so popular, I have found there really aren’t enough Black Life models around and I think it’s time to change that! 
I’m looking for 5 people of colour (no experiences needed/preferred) of different genders/non binary, any age, any body shape (images are for fashion and pose inspiration). If this is something that you’ve wanted to try and are seriously interested in getting more involved in life modelling, portrait modelling for artists, it is also required that you live in or around Brighton and hove so you can attend in real life classes as a model or artist!
The shoot will be to generate reference imagery for artists for the Draw Patreon. There will be one photographer and one art director (myself).  The shoot will be clothed to give the new model comfort in trying this new line of creativity, I welcome anyone who wants to do it part nude! If you do wish to do it part nude, please let me know beforehand.
It will be in the Summer, the date is still TBC and it will be at The photo studio in New England House.
Please send a recent photo (headshot is fine) and a short paragraph of why you are interested in modelling for artists and/or getting more involved with Brighton drawing community, and why you’d like to get involved with the Drawversity shoot!

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