Coffee Art Project

Always experimenting with different mediums and techniques to bring my imagination to reality, I decided I wanted to start a new portrait project painting celebrities of colour on big canvases. Using bold colours I switched between acrylic paint and paint pens (posca pens) to create eye-catching backgrounds, fine detailed clothes and metallic jewellery on popular celebrities I watched, listened, laughed with from childhood to now. For the skin I have used different brands of instant coffee and hot water, adding coffee or water for different tones.

It’s a great material to use because it is easy to control on the canvas and easy to manipulate with water once on. I look forward to completing my list of celebrities, some include, Mary J. Blige, Sisqo, Lady Leshuur, Eddie Murphy, Rupaul… The list goes on. So far, I’ve completed my first one of Erykah Badu, Will Smith as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and I’m now currently working on one of R.A.E.

Head over to the gallery to see all completed pieces, and head over to prints to get your own fine art printed copy SOON!

(Originals will start going up either once I have an exhibition, or when I can let go of them!)

Published by Jade Hylton

"Doing It All, All Of The Time"

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