Times Are Changing

I started blogging ten years ago when I was forced to start up a WordPress at university “All the articles you read and respond to, you will do so on your new blog” my professor told us when I was studying digital media design at Brighton uni. I always loved writing, flash fiction and poetry, but I didn’t like the feeling of being forced into writing pages and pages each week, writing that wasn’t creative or rhythmic. I wrote a response every week for two years, after the first year I had already secretly started to enjoy it, I enjoyed practising a different way of writing, using technical terms and feeling clever with my language and use of correct punctuation placement. Once I graduated and started my crazy journey into the art industry, exploring photography, illustration, poetry, modelling, I catalogued and journaled everything on my WordPress, turning it into an online portfolio and a professional diary of all my jobs, exhibitions, collaborations, awards and just everything to do with art! I did this for 10 years on the same website.

Life as we knew it, isn’t any more. A different way of living can mean different things that inspire us. I’ve always had a strong desire to explore different mediums of art, and with a new laptop – having filled the last one – and with a new website – having filled the last one – and with a new way of living and new creative expressions to explore, I felt it was time to do a whole revamp, new website, new visuals, and my own URL!

I also wanted to open my own shop where I have more control over my income, the quality of print-on-demand products, and make them more exclusive!

Some of the things I’ve been most looking forward to is working on more video production and experimental post-production. I also have some ideas for a line of enamel pin designs, and, I hope I’m not speaking to soon, but I am working towards a collection of work that I’d really like to see exhibited.

I have a few more budding ideas that steer away from poetry and towards short stories, and illustrations to go with them, but I’ll give you the opportunity to stay tuned to find out more!

Published by Jade Hylton

"Doing It All, All Of The Time"

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