Black Joy Photography

I’ve done quite a few photoshoots over the past few years and taking my camera out to BLM protests. With all of the BLM last year and overload of information about inequality, I found myself really seeing a very pinhole view of Black Lives. Even the new categories on t.v streaming sites, I felt I was just seeing pages and pages of films and documentaries all magnetised around slavery, racism or trauma. As a Black person, it gets too much, on top of dealing with everyday life – no matter what colour you are – as a Black person, It was all just too overwhelming. In light of this, I have decided to start photographing/documenting more Black Joy, more times of togetherness not solidarity, more passion over protesting, more life than survival. So that’s what I will be doing, I’ve made a start; you can see under the projects page on my photography page. But there is a lot more on the way I promise.

Published by Jade Hylton

"Doing It All, All Of The Time"

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