Experimenting with creating videos and music on phones. In collaboration with Sam Rogers and Dongjie Wei.

For my Birthday, which was in January, even though it was freezing out, I wanted to do something active and outdoors. I’d recently gobbled down the Task Master boxsets on All4 and loved the idea of recreating some of the tasks with my friends. I asked Sam, a fellow lover of Task Master, to think of some tasks for the big day. The day was great! Lots of giggles, a huge relasitation of what a toll lockdown has done to our fitness, and some great footage! Sam and I had set a date a few weeks later to get together and edit it all together. Unfortunately we couldn’t get some of the footage we’d shot on Sams camera onto the computer, we’d gone through my wires box and couldn’t find one that fit, but we were itching to do some editing, especially Sam, she hadn’t done any video editing since Uni, so she was biting at the bit. Luckily Dongjie was at mine just finishing off some work, so I asked if he wanted o hang out and do some shooting with us – being a film student I’d knew he wouldn’t turn it down.

Sam and I had recently downloaded an app on our phones which makes your visuals -photos and videos – look like it was created on Super8 film. We decided to do some shooting indoors, some lovely, visually appealing shots of light and colour and shadow and whatever impactful visuals we could make indoors in a few short hours, we didn’t want to spend too much time shooting but more time editing.

We used candlelight, strong shadows, incorporated some shots that we felt emanated nostalgia and cut up some flowers I got for my birthday for a dollop of colour. Once we got all of our clips together and onto the computer we started edited! We allowed ourselves to be creative with how we clipped and faded, and along the way I jogged Sams memory on some basic know-hows on PremierePro.

We needed some music, something smooth with “chill hop-py” kind of vibe. We didn’t want to use something out their already for copyright issues, but again, this was a nice quick and easy project, we didn’t want to spend to much time on it, have it all shot edited and exported in one day. Sam had a beat maker app on her phone, I had a play around and after ten minutes or so we had something! We put the audio and video together and we were left with a beautiful little visually creative video.

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